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The Signature Experience is designed for those clients who want and/or need (due to pregnancy or postpartum-related issues) specialized one-on-one attention. Your pre/postnatal exercise specialists will create a customized program to fit the specific needs of your body during this transformative time, because every pregnancy and postpartum recovery is unique.

Available at all locations

To inquire about prices and to schedule your Signature Experience assessment - please fill out our form.

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The Empowerment Collective infuses the knowledge and insights that we’ve gained from our extensive 1-on-1 training experience. We limit our small group classes (separated into prenatal & postnatal) to 6-8 women so that our exercise specialists can create a customized experience for each participant in a supportive, fun, and empowering small group environment.

Available at our Marina and Oakland locations

*Please note that all participants must complete our Empowerment Collective (EC) On-boarding Class before attending regular EC Classes

EC Budding - 5 classes $199

EC Blooming - 10 classes $349

EC Lotus - 20 classes $599

For any additional questions please always feel free to ask us, we are here to help!