“The Lotus Method is amazing!!! I recommend TLM to everyone I meet who’s pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant!!”
— Katie Z.
“The Lotus Method and their trainers are more than “just personal training”. As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, I can attest to their rehab-based approach and smart training techniques. ”
— Cary B. DPT
I was a hot mess before finding The Lotus Method. I couldn’t pick up my son without pain, couldn’t laugh without peeing myself, and I for sure couldn’t run down the hall to the ER room (I’m an ER Surgeon). Now after my second kid I am pain free, I can laugh, run down the hall and after my kid without peeing and my Diastasis and prolapse no longer cause any issues! I owe so much to The Lotus Method, they gave me my life back.
— Amanda S. ER Surgeon
“Working out at The Lotus Method during my pregnancy was by far the best decision I’ve ever made! The program focuses on building the muscles you’ll need during labor and recovery.
— Sarah P.
“The Lotus Method is flawless in my opinion! TLM trainers know how to safely help pre and postnatal women gain and maintain the strength they need during pregnancy and after! Everybody needs The Lotus Method!”
— Morgan A.
The trainers at The Lotus Method always go above and beyond. Always there with a smile and a hug and they always amaze me with their deep knowledge about prenatal and postpartum recovery and exercise. You’re in great hands with The Lotus Method. Worth every penny.
— Allison G.
“I was planning to just do three months-worth of sessions but now I’m addicted! I can’t recommend them enough! I love The Lotus Method!”
— Dana K.
“You won’t regret investing in you and your baby’s health! The Lotus Method is worth every penny!”
— Anna S.
I had all but given up hope on healing my Diastasis four years postpartum until I found The Lotus Method. Now not only is my Diastasis healed, but I am stronger than I was pre-pregnancy! My only regret is not finding TLM sooner!
— Cara K.
Great atmosphere full of positivity, support, no judgements and laughs no matter where you are at in your stage of motherhood. I really appreciated how each workout was tailored to my needs as a mother, both pre and postnatal. I am able to use the workouts and movements I have learned in my daily routines with my baby now. Super useful!
— Shirin M.
The Lotus Method’s complimentary small group classes in addition to your personal training sessions are the cherry on top! It’s a wonderful way to meet other expecting and new mothers!
— Jane M.
I had been (doing group classes at a bar studio when I started) experiencing low back pain during my pregnancy. A friend told me about The Lotus Method but I thought I would continue with my classes. Finally, my back pain became unbearable. I came to The Lotus Method and was pain free within weeks! I wish I had listened to my friend and started sooner!
— Joannie E.
Their first question every time you walk in the door is “how is your body feeling today?” Then if anything doesn’t feel great—lower back, etc—they spend time focusing on stretching and strengthening the appropriate areas. I always feel better leaving The Lotus Method than I did walking in! I can’t say enough good things about my experience with them. I don’t think I’ll ever have a pregnancy without The Lotus Method!
— Julia C.