Why strength training?

The benefits of strength training are numerous for all, but are especially instrumental during pregnancy and the postpartum period.  Strength training protects joints from injury, improves balance and posture, increases bone strength and alleviates aches and pain caused by muscle imbalances or weakness.  These are all critical during pregnancy.  Strength training can also increase stamina, create better core and pelvic floor coordination and build mental fortitude.  These are all critical for labor and delivery.  Finally, strength training is rehabilitative, healing and extremely practical for the postpartum woman.  New motherhood and strength training both require the body to quickly adapt to increasing physical demands.  Your baby will triple his or her birth weight in the first year, and strength training will prepare you for that reality.


But is it safe?

Absolutely.  Unless you have a medical condition that prevents you from doing so - exercising during pregnancy has been found to be extremely beneficial not only for you but your baby as well!  We are also Pre/Postnatal Exercise Specialists and therefore know how to set you up for the best outcome during pregnancy and postpartum.

But don’t just take our word for it - The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) encourages moderate-intensity strength training before, during and after pregnancy. 


Why 1-on-1 personal training?

Because a woman experiencing pelvic girdle pain and a woman experiencing low back pain need two very different workouts.  Every pregnancy and postpartum experience is unique, and that’s why we have a tailored approach.

Then why do you have small group training?

Because after 4.5 years of exclusively working 1-on-1 with clients and rendering over 40,000 pre/postnatal personal training sessions - we have created an on-boarding and assessment process that allows us to make modifications for clients within our small group training.  In addition, to maintain quality and safety, we limit our group classes to 6-8 women. The group class instructor receives detailed notes on each class member and plans the day's workout according to the needs of the attendees.

How do I know your trainers are qualified?

Happy you asked! Most fitness professionals go through an online or weekend course to be “pre/postnatal certified”. Our trainers go through an extensive 6-8 week training course that covers everything from physiological changes during both pregnancy and postpartum, postural changes, pelvic floor and core health, Pre/Postnatal considerations, birth/IVF/postpartum knowledge and extensive assessment and program design for this population. We also have continuing education every four weeks and since this is all we do, you are receiving the most specific and up to date approach available.


Why do you have a 3 month commitment for the Signature Experience?

At TLM we believe in making an impact - and we cannot make a meaningful change in your life if we allowed people to drop in and out for 1-5 sessions.  Therefore, we look for clients who understand this and want to learn and grow with us.  After your initial 3 month commitment our membership goes to month - month.


What if I am going to give birth during the 3 month commitment?

Your membership can be put on pause for maternity leave, and any unused sessions will be available postpartum.


When is the best time to start?

Because we tailor each program to exactly where you are at in your motherhood experience, there is never a “too soon” or “too late” time to start training at TLM.

I’m confused, when I divide your Signature Membership (example - Budding) by the number of sessions I get, the price is higher than you are quoting per session?

Our 3 month commitment (for the Budding) comes out to 13 sessions, as opposed to the 12 people are expecting.


Can you heal my Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation)?

The answer is - it depends. Any program that claims they can 100% heal your DR is not one that we would trust. DR has many factors that come into play - posture, genetics, diet, how you perform certain exercises and how you are go about your daily life are just a few factors.  And please remember, it is so much more than just "closing the gap" and it is never too late to work on improving a DR.


How are you different than yoga and pilates?

We are different because our approach is designed specifically for pregnancy and motherhood.  There is no need for modification, there is no need to wonder if it is safe, or appropriate for your body.  This is also all we do; we see pregnant and postpartum women all day long - making us truly experts at what we do!


Do I need to stop my other forms of exercise when I come to TLM?

Absolutely not! We believe in you doing what you love and we think there is tremendous value in having a variety of exercises in your life. You and your Pre/Postnatal Exercise Specialists will discuss the risk vs. reward of any exercise program that you would like to continue during pregnancy and postpartum and help you make the most informed choice possible.

Can I bring my baby with me?

All of our studios offer Baby Hours from 10am-4pm. We welcome pre-crawling infants during these times.

Do you have Empowerment Collective at Noe Valley and SOMA?

No, the Empowerment Collective (small group training) is currently only available at our Marina and Oakland locations.  


What if I can't make the EC On-boarding times?

Please email Rebecca at rebecca@thelotusmethodsf.com and we can try to work something out!