The Lotus Method

Personalized fitness designed specifically for motherhood



The Lotus Method

The Lotus Method (TLM) is the personalized fitness method designed specifically for motherhood.

We are the most recognized and respected fitness brand in the Bay Area that focuses exclusively on prenatal and postnatal women.

our approach

Every pregnancy and postpartum experience is unique and therefore you deserve a tailored approach


Our Approach

Our approach is as unique as your experience.

TLM was established in 2014 by a Pre/Postnatal Master Trainer who felt a deep desire to help this under serviced population. Having worked with hundreds of pregnant and postnatal women prior to opening TLM, she understood the importance of creating a physical space where women could feel safe, supported and empowered.

Despite being told she was crazy for not implementing a class model, our founder created the only one-on-one personal training method designed exclusively for pre/postnatal women because, she knew from 10 plus years experience, how different each pregnancy and postpartum experience truly is.

Using a comprehensive and integrative approach, TLM prepares women for the demands of pregnancy, labor and motherhood.

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Since TLM’s opening 4.5 years ago, we have rendered over 40,000 individual prenatal and postnatal personal training sessions. Using the insight and knowledge gained from this highly individualized approach, we are now confident that we can intelligently and responsibly expand our offering to small group (6-8 women) training.


our focus

We are passionate, knowledgeable and dedicated Pre/Postnatal Exercise Specialists who are here to guide and support you


Our Focus

If you are…


diastasis recti * prolapse * incontinence * round ligament pain * pelvic girdle pain * low back pain


conception challenges * a high risk pregnancy * concerns about exercising during pregnancy

or seeking:

a smart but challenging workout * to get back to high level of activity postpartum * a safe exercise program * a better pregnancy or postpartum experience

…we’ve got you!

We will assess your individual needs and create a customized approach for you. You will leave your workouts feeling energized and confident, and will have a Pre/Postnatal Exercise Specialist by your side every step of the way who is passionate and knowledgeable.




The Lotus Method is amazing!!! I recommend TLM to everyone I meet who’s pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant!!
— Katie Z.
The Lotus Method and their trainers are more than ‘just personal training’. As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, I can attest to their rehab-based approach and smart training techniques.
— Cary B. Doctor of Physical Therapy
I was a hot mess before finding The Lotus Method. I couldn’t pick up my son without pain, couldn’t laugh without peeing myself, and I for sure couldn’t run down the hall to the ER room (I’m an ER Surgeon). Now after my second kid I am pain free, I can laugh, run down the hall and after my kid without peeing and my Diastasis and prolapse no longer cause any issues! I owe so much to The Lotus Method, they gave me my life back.
— Amanda S. ER Surgeon
Working out at The Lotus Method during my pregnancy was by far the best decision I’ve ever made! The program focuses on building the muscles you’ll need during labor and recovery.
— Sarah P.
The Lotus Method is flawless in my opinion! TLM trainers know how to safely help pre and postnatal women gain and maintain the strength they need during pregnancy and after! Everybody needs The Lotus Method!
— Morgan A.
The trainers at The Lotus Method always go above and beyond. Always there with a smile and a hug and they always amaze me with their deep knowledge about prenatal and postpartum recovery and exercise. You’re in great hands with The Lotus Method. Worth every penny.
— Alison G.





Signature Experience


Nothing will ever replace our Signature Experience; you receive the customization and expertise of your Pre/Postnatal Exercise Specialist coupled with our amazing community via our complimentary small group training.

1-on-1 personal training + small group classes

Empowerment Collective


Looking for a community but still want the expertise of Pre/Postnatal Experts? Our Empowerment Collective is the best small group training option for Pre/Postnatal women in a fun, smart and empowering environment.

Small group class only option